Each of our programs can be implemented and combined for individuals and groups. Our services are the ways in which we do this.

General Services

Service Description
1/1 One on one coaching gives the most connection with the coach and the client. We utilize this at the beginning to establish a foundational understanding of development
Semi-Private Semi-Private coaching offers more independence once one has a foundational understanding of one’s own program of development.
Home Home or alternative location programs can help a client to understand how to use the locations and resources most available to them to implement their program of development
Remote Remote coaching via pre-written programs with GoogleHangouts or Skype can help the person stay accountable, get continued feedback, and move forward without having to travel to a training location
AMC Applied Mobility Conditioning is manual therapy to provide range of motion eliminating pain and keeping mobility for life

Other Services

Service Description
Fall Prevention Specific conditioning made for mobility in our older years
Tactical Strength & Conditioning Tailor made programs for military, police, martial artists, and fire fighters
Corporate Wellness Diagnostic and program developed for individuals in the workplace

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