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Hello there, ladies and gents!

If you’ve read this blog before, you know how much I respect great research.  Great research is what backs the reasoning for the actions we take in performance and lifestyle.  One of my favorite researchers is Dr. Rhonda Patrick.  Instead of giving you a summary on this video as I usually do, I want you to ask the following questions as you watch:

1)  What is the importance of Vit D and other micronutrients and how do I get the proper amount?

2)  What diagnostic/testing tools/methods should I use for baseline biomarkers?

3)  How does fasting effect my body for longevity?

4)  What is the value of heat therapy?

5)  What is the value of exercise?

6)  I don’t lift heavy things in my normal life.  Why work to maintain muscle mass?

7)  What is the value of sleep?

8)  What is the value of meditation?

9)  How would a coach help in guiding me through each of these?

Pay attention to the mechanism for each of these.  “It feels good.” Or “It helps me live longer.” are not the answers you want.

Don’t try and understand every little thing she says.  She’s a biologist.  You’re likely not.  Just get the gist.  Also, if you don’t have a full hour to listen in the car/while making dinner/etc or view at home, at least listen to the summary and question/answer portion starting at minute 44.

Have fun!

Jason Root, CSCS

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