The Six Nutrients and a Sample Meal Program

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For those of you who work directly with me, you’ve gone through our five rules of nutrition and how to follow them.  But, I want to give a slightly different perspective on this.   I want you all to look at nutrition strictly from the point of view of the six nutrients while giving you an example of a meal menu that optimizes these nutrients with easy to make choices at home.

The 6 nutrient categories are divided as such along with their main functions:

Macronutrients (1-3)

  1. Protein:  development and support of body tissues
  2. Fat:  Long term and stored energy
  3. Carbohydrates: Short to medium term energy

Micronutrients (4-5)

  1. Vitamins: Organic molecules supporting multiple body functions
  2. Minerals:  Inorganic molecules supporting multiple body funtions

Water (6)

Sample meal program totaling 4-6 meals/day

Snacks (pick 2-3/day and drink a glass of water)

  1. Apple w/ mixed nuts or almonds
  2. Banana w/ peanut butter
  3. Carrots w/ string cheese
  4. Yogurt (organic from grass fed cows and plain…..NO ADDED SUGAR OR FLAVORS) w/ berries
  5. Micro-nutrient shake
    1. w/ (greens) spinach, kale, etc plus (fruit) banana, berries, etc plus (some protein/fat)  protein powder or peanut butter
  6. Oatmeal w/ almond butter
  7. Tuna on a romaine lettuce leaf for wraps w/ carrots

Meals (pick 2-3/day and drink a glass of water)

  1. Egg/Veggie scramble
    1. Eggs
    2. Veggies and stuff
      1. peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, etc
  2. Salad
    1. greens
      1. spinach, kale, mixed greens
    2. protein
      1. beans, turkey,  chicken, fish, cheese
    3. fruit
      1. raisins, tomotoes, avocado, etc
    4. Vinaigrette or vinegar and oil
  3. Meat and Veggies
    1. Meat
      1. Fish, chicken, turkey, beef, lamb
    2. Veggies
      1. mixed, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts
    3. Root veggie or grain (optional and more seldom)
      1. pototoes, rice, quinoa, very small amount of pasta
  4. Eggs w/ a piece of fruit
    1. Quick prep, especially if you hard boil and peal the eggs beforehand
  5. Sandwich (seldom)
    1. Bread of choice (light on this…get a small sandwich)
    2. Meat
    3. Veggie
    4. light on the condiments
  6. Poke**

Hope this is some good, quick info that helps you stick to a plan that is easy to execute, folks.  To track your calories and nutrients, use myfitnesspal.  Report on my page on the ‘client portal’.

Don’t forget to have a beer and a burger or slice of pizza on the weekend (These are the sanity nutrients!).

Image result

**This really is under the salad category (Hawaiian) with rice optional.  But my girlfriend makes it AWESOME.  I thought I’d include it as a separate option as it uses fish as a base more than green leafy veggies.

Thanks for reading!

Jason Root, CSCS

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