Laird and Breathing

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Today’s post is a reference to a fantastic video I came across on YouTube with Laird Hamilton.  For those who don’t know who this guy is, Laird is one of the best surfers in the world (arguably ‘the best’).  He invented tow in surfing to ride waves 80 to 120 feet high!  When it comes to development, no one is better to follow than Laird.

Here he is talking about a breathing program from another intense dude named Wim Hof.  To learn about him, search his name and interview with Joe Rogan after this video.

Before you watch, keep in mind these questions about the training:  What is the importance of breath control? How can different techniques of breathing be used for different purposes?  Is our current paradigm/mindset of training in the community the most healthy one?  How can focused stimuli beat ‘hard’ work?  What is your mindset on development….practical, scientific or otherwise?  What are some different ways to create mental focus (presence) in training?

Ask these about sports psychology:  What is the nature of competitiveness in sport and training (is it the most effective method for growth)?  How can comradery help growth?  Think about the nature of courage along with knowing boundaries.

Lastly, there is a lot that is good ‘food for thought’ philosophiess that lie just a bit outside the scope of the subject matter that we teach.  But, it is great to think about and consider, never the less.

Have fun!

Jason Root, CSCS

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