Foundational Movement Patterns: Importance to Health and Performance

What are they?   Foundational movement patterns or developmental are patterns of movement developed through childhood in a natural human environment.  These include, but are not limited to: crawling,  walking, running, climbing, throwing, swimming, fighting.

Effects on the body?  The effects on our lives are the obvious abilities that a human being should have physically.  If you are deficient in any one of these, you should revisit it’s development.  In terms of how practicing these affect the systems of the body, these are the foundations of cardiovascular conditioning, athletic conditioning, and strength.

What happens when we neglect these movements?  When we neglect these movements, we end up with pain, cardio-respiratory conditions, metabolic disease, immune disorders, and depression/psychological disorders.

How to integrate into a program?  Foundational movement patterns are the basis of a conditioning program.  They are the ‘foundation’ that the rest of the program is built on.  Every level of conditioning utilizes them.  The intensity and type of movement is the question.  If entering back into any training program, just practicing light walking, crawling, and swimming (if possible) are a great way to re-establish this foundation.  This is the time it may be useful to use a pedometer or step counter.

What not to do.  Do not start an intense program of development such as a bootcamp or heavy circuit based program unless these can be accomplished without pain and with a base level of performance!


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