Client Feedback: LF

Client Feedback Questionnaire

What’s your name (initials are fine)? A:  LJ

What is your age? A: 45

What is your gender? A: female

What was your reason for coming into our program on day one?

A:recommendation from my (healthcare practitioner) for conditioning to help my multiple sclerosis

What was your condition on day one (both health and fitness)?  Did you have a health condition?  If so, please describe.

A:I have MS and I have some trouble walking

Can you describe what your experience has been?  What are your results (health and performance)?

A:I am able to walk a bit better and stand on my feet a bit longer than before I began training with Jason

How have things changed for you since you started the program?  Do you look different?  Do you feel different?

A: I have more energy which makes all the difference in the world.

How has your body functioned differently?  How are is your health different?  Were there any landmarks you’d like to share?

A: for the first time in 3 years I have enough energy and leg strength to walk my son to preschool.  It’s not a long walk for most people but for me, it is.  I have never done it but instead choose to drive.  But two weeks ago I did it for the first time and it was a wonderful feeling! I couldn’t wait to see Jason and tell him my good news.  And when I told my husbnad and my kids that I walked their baby brother to preschool they couldn’t believe it.  They were so happy for me.

How has the process been for you?  Is it difficult, easy, fun, etc?

A: Sometimes it is difficult but I like that.  I have worked with a traditional physical therapist for over 5 years and they are always so afraif of me falling or losing my balance they don’t challenge me enough.  They also don’t watch me and pay attention to my every move the way Jason does.  Jason pushed me from the first session and had me doing things I never thought I could do.  It was wonderful!

What advice would you give to someone beginning this program?

A:I would say trust Jason.  He goes about training with a holistic approach and it really makes a difference.  He is very present during the sessions and really pushes you to your max without being so aggressive that you never want to return.  He also does assisted stretching during my sessions which I absolutely love!  He is the best stretcher I’ve ever worked with and that has helped with my mobility as well.